Mobile Massage Victoria BC

As an RMT I’m pleased to be offering a mobile massage service to the residents of greater Victoria.

Mobile Massage Victoria BC

My name is Ryan Walsworth RMT, and I’m a recent grad of the 2-year Registered Massage Therapy program at OVCMT in Vernon BC, and my goal is to provide access to safe, effective, and professional massage for all members of the community.

I first identified a need for mobile treatments in the community while I was a student working at the community in-reach program in College. At the time, some of my patients were having trouble getting to and from their appointments, while others found it difficult to navigate the stairs up to the treatment rooms. It was there that I realized that I could make things a little bit easier for my clients by offering at-home massage treatments.

As a therapist, I excel in the assessment and treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions such as strains, sprains, whiplash symptoms, and chronic migraines as well as treating trigger points and general soft tissue tension. I’m also well versed in assigning practical home care exercises and stretching routines that can help speed up the overall rate of recovery. Treatments are based on the relaxation massage model with some light stretching and targetting of specific muscle groups when appropriate

Mobile rates include transportation costs, linens, equipment, music, and GST.

Mobile Rates

90-Minute Initial Intake Appointment: $200

For your first appointment, it’s important to take a few extra minutes to go over your health history information and discuss any relevant details. From there we will discuss your personalized goal for therapeutic treatment, assess where you’re currently at functionally, and proceed with the treatment plan. After that, there’s a quick follow-up assessment and homecare demonstration.

60-Minute Follow-Up Appointment: $150

Now that your goals have been set it’s time to implement the treatment routine. Your sixty-minute appointment consists of a quick progress report, treatment, and a homecare check-in. This is where we make any changes to the program and start building strength.

30-Minute Check Up: $85

The 30-minute treatment option is perfect for a quick massage treatment focused on a particular area of concern. This treatment is ideal for clients dealing with headaches, trigger points, general aches and pains, or acute injury.

For more info about me and my journey to becoming an RMT click here.